International Biology Olympiad (IBO)

International Biology Olympiad or IBO is an international-level olympiad for secondary school students. The olympiad is structured to test the knowledge of students in Biology. The IBO 2023 is focused on Bioinformatics, a field of Biology which incorporates Biology, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, and Data Science. To promote interest in Biology and allied sciences.To provide an international level of exposure to students across the world.To encourage research and development in Biology.

Stages of The IBO

The IBO exam is structured in 5 stages:

The Association of Teachers in Biology Sciences (ATBS) organises the NSE exams in Biology. The syllabus covers the biological sciences up till Class 12. The registration fee for NSEB is Rs 200.

Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE) organises the INO for Biology and other science streams. The syllabus is the same for INOB and NSEB. It is held in January every year.

35 students from the Indian National Olympiad in Biology went for the orientation cum selection camp. HBCSE organises the camp, and several observational/experimental tests are conducted for students to work on their skills.

The pre-departure training camp is to train students in specialised libraries developed by HBCSE. Thorough training on experimental and theoretical concepts of Biology is given to the students to prepare for the International Biology Olympiad (IBO).

The Olympiad programme culminates with the participation of the Indian students (4-6 in each subject) in the International Olympiads. The students are accompanied by 2-4 teachers or mentors. Almost every Indian student who has participated in the Science and Astronomy Olympiads has returned with a medal.

• Students must be pursuing Class 12.
• Must have been selected from the National Olympiad Examination in Biology.
• Must be a citizen of the participating country.
• Must have a valid passport.

IBO Selection Process: The selection process of IBO starts on the national level olympiad in Biology. The students who qualify for the NSO in Biology go to the International Biology Olympiad. The IBO exam allows 4-5 students from each country, hence the top 4-5 students from national Olympiads participate in the IBO.